Seminars on Oil Spills in Arctic Areas

July 19th 2017

The seminar themes are

  • Arctic Council and its working group on Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response (EPPR) and the work under the Arctic MOSPA agreement;
  • Technology for oil in ice response;
  • Search and rescue in Arctic areas;
  • Ecological consequences of oil spills in the Arctic;
  • Ice management and weather services in the Arctic; and
  • Latest research related to oil spills in cold climate.

We have now opened the call for abstracts, please find the template for the abstract at, please submit the abstracts by end of September to
The participant registration will be opened at the end of this year, for questions regarding this event please contact

As a separate event the EKOMON project's final seminar will be organized at the same venue. EKOMON seminar handles questions related on the monitoring of ecological impacts of accidental marine HNS spills.

The topics for the EKOMON seminar are:

  • The fate and behaviour of different HNS in case of sudden spil;
  • EKOMON - The guidelines for the post-spill monitoring of the accidental chemical spills in the Baltic sea and cold waters;
  • National approaches to post-incident monitoring;
  • Ecological monitoring and risk assessment of accidental pollution; and
  • Protocols for HNS environmental impact assessment.

Participation to this seminar is free of charge as well. Information on the EKOMON seminar can be found via this link: and further questions can be addressed to Dr Jani Häkkinen (