The Agreement

The Bonn Agreement has several levels of policy that govern its operation.  Firstly the Agreement itself, originally signed in 1969 and regularly updated since, which outlines the legal basis for the organisation and its work. It stipulates the areas that the cooperation will cover and how Contracting Parties should act within the agreement in the case of pollution.

The Dublin Declaration and Bonn Agreement Action Plan

The Bonn Agreement held its first Ministerial Meeting in 2010 marking the accession of Ireland to the Agreement. The Ministers also adopted the Dublin Declaration and the Bonn Agreement Action Plan (BAAP) 2010-2013. The Dublin Declaration set out the future strategic direction for the organisation and the BAAP contained the practical actions to fulfil it. The BAAP is updated every three years.

The Counter Pollution Manual

The Bonn Agreement has developed common approaches to all the main issues that are involved in remedying and preventing maritime pollution. These conclusions are consolidated in the Bonn Agreement Counter-Pollution Manual. The chapters dealing with specific policies include: offshore wind farms (8), joint responsibility zones (19), dispersants (23), remote sensing (25), hazardous materials (26), places of refuge (27), emergency towing (28) and oil spill identification (32).