The ARCOPOL projects ran between 2009 - 2015 with an aim to reinforce the preparedness and response to both oil and HNS spills in the Atlantic regions.

The series of ARCOPOL projects (which built on the EROCIPS project 2004-07 and started in 2009, with first ARCOPOL, ARCOPOL plus and ARCOPOL Platform) share the same final aim, which is reinforcing the preparedness and response  to both oil and HNS spills in the Atlantic regions. The ARCOPOL platform, funded through the European Regional Development Fund, has been developed by a consortium involving partners from 5 countries of the Atlantic Area, of which 3 are Contracting Party to the Bonn Agreement (i.e. Ireland, United Kingdom and France, with moreover Portugal and Spain).
One of the main objectives of the ARCOPOL platform was to further reinforcing the protection of the coastal Atlantic regions, including on HNS preparedness and response. To this purpose, all available, relevant HNS materials were identified (e.g. guidelines, datasheets, maps, models, protocols, e-learning courses) and adapted for integration into contingency plans.