Bonn Agreement Secretariat

The Bonn Agreement Secretariat is based in London, United Kingdom.

The functions of the Secretariat are:

  • to prepare the meetings of the Contracting Parties to the Bonn Agreement and of the Technical Working Group OTSOPA;
  • to administer the Agreement’s budget;
  • to maintain and keep up to date its website and publications;
  • to liaise with other international organisations with the same aims as the Bonn Agreement and represent the Bonn Agreement at their meetings.

The Secretariat team comprises:

Dominic Pattinson

Dominic Pattinson


+44 (0)20 7430 5200

Laura de la Torre

Laura de la Torre

Deputy Secretary

Olle Åkesson

Olle Åkesson


Contact the Secretariat

Rules of Procedure

PDF: Bonn Agreement - Rules of Procedure

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The Bonn Agreement has several levels of policy that govern its operation. Firstly the Agreement itself, originally signed in 1969 and regularly updated since, which outlines the legal basis for the organisation and its work.