COSIweb database

OSINet’s work is supported by a central database COSIweb which is hosted on a German server and is accessible through any browser. COSIweb currently includes data on about 2600 analysed oil samples (among them 300 crude oils from all over the world) and provides information on oil characteristics (oil ‘fingerprint’), allowing users to rapidly compare data simultaneously with all the oils included in the database. COSIweb has two main functions: searching for unknown samples in the database; and comparing two samples by analysing all the parameters needed for a statistical analysis of the sample and its comparison to the database. This search and comparison is done automatically and within seconds. When two samples are compared, correlation with all samples assures the uniqueness of the samples compared.

Access to COSIweb is open to members of the OSINet Network of Experts only. For those wanting to look at the structure of the COSI-programme and the database, a guest account may be obtained by contacting us.

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Oil Spill Identification

Oil spill identification and analysis OSINet was initially established as an expert working group to address issues of oil spill identification and to develop standards for oil sampling by describing sampling techniques in a Manual and by developing a common analytical method that can be accepted and used by all Bonn Agreement laboratories.