Risk Assessment Seminar

The Risk Assessment Seminar was held in Tønsberg, Norway, on 24-26 September 2012. The seminar reviewed progress on the project, which had started in January 2012, focusing on data collection, the methodology for the risk assessments, preliminary results of the traffic analysis and preliminary work to establish criteria for environmental and socioeconomic sensitivity mapping. The risk assessment required input from these previous tasks and therefore critical consideration of their outputs and the challenges for the risk assessment phase were key objectives of the seminar. The seminar was open to all stakeholders as the project wishes to ensure the outcomes of the risk assessment are robust and have the widest possible usage.

Seminar Objectives

The key objectives of the seminar were:

  • Review the collection of data identifying gaps and prioritising collection of any supplementary information
  • Agree a Final Method Note outlining the methodology
  • Consider the outputs and challenges for the risk assessment based upon the review of previous tasks

Seminar Outcomes

The following products were agreed or developed at the meeting:


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