Final Conference

The BE-AWARE II Final Conference was held on 18-19 November 2015 in Ronneby, Sweden.

BE-AWARE was the first regional risk assessment for Oil and Hazardous and Noxious Substances for the Greater North Sea and its wider approaches. The BE-AWARE II Final Conference presented the project results and considered how they could be used nationally within Contracting Parties, within the Bonn Agreement and by other stakeholders.

Final Conference Presentations

1. The Bonn Agreement and policy context

2. BE-AWARE I and II: The project concept

3. Traffic model for the Bonn Agreement area

4. Accidents and potential releases of mineral oil

5. BE-AWARE I HNS Risk Assessment

6. Oil drift modelling

7. Response modelling including dispersants

8. Environmental and socioeconomic vulnerability analysis

9. Environmental damage: combining impact and vulnerability

10. Risk reduction and response scenarios

11. ACCSEAS: e-Navigation and its benefits to the environment

12. Scenario comparison: which are the most effective scenarios for the BE-AWARE project region?

13. Risk Management Conclusions

14. Next steps: implementing the BE-AWARE project results

Final Conference Programme

Final conference Programme

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Final Report and Data

The BE-AWARE II final report is split into five sections: a Summary (or layman's) Report giving the general project results and 4 technical sub reports which cover the key deliverables in more detail.