Final Report and Data

Final reports

The BE-AWARE II final report is split into five sections: a Summary (or layman's) Report giving the general project results and 4 technical sub reports which cover the key deliverables in more detail.

Summary Report

Technical sub-report 1: Method Note

Technical sub-report 2: Environmental and Socioeconomic Vulnerability

Technical sub-report 3: Impact Assessment Report

Technical sub-report 4: Risk Management Conclusions

Final Data

Several of the key project deliverables have involved the generation of maps or data layers, such as the oil spill modelling and the vulnerability analysis. Online versions of the key maps are outlined below, however if you would like to have access to the project data please contact [email protected] for more information.

Please click each of the images below to view the maps.

Project background documents

The project background documents below were used by MUMM to support oil spill modelling in BE-AWARE II.

BE-AWARE II Data Provision Report

BE-AWARE II Review of the Physical Oceanography in the Area of the Bonn Agreement

A modelling study of the drift and fate of large oil spills in seven sub-regions of the North Sea and the English Channel

An independent study to assess and validate the shape and size of the potentially impacted areas used in BE-AWARE II - Qualitative Results