Mediterranean Marine Oil & HNS Pollution Cooperation

WestMOPoCo (Western Mediterranean region Marine Oil & HNS Pollution Cooperation) is a European project involving the French Secrétariat Général de la Mer (as leader) and such partners as REMPEC, Cedre, ITOPF, ISPRA (Italy), HELCOM, OSPAR/BA, Algeria, Malta, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, as well as the Principality of Monaco on its own funding.

In addition to project management and communication, 4 other work packages have been defined:

  • development and update of pollution response support tools: HNS response guidelines, tools such as REMPEC’s Maritime Integrated Decision Support Information System (MIDSIS-TROCS) and the Mediterranean Emergency Reporting System (MedERSys).
  • assessment of the National Contingency Plans of the countries involved and, if necessary, the establishment of recommendations to improve them.
  • study of international cooperation mechanisms for emergency procedures in this area and the reinforcement of synergies between countries in the event of a Spill.
  • organisation of regional workshops and training courses on the use of the developed or updated tools and procedures.

One of the objectives of the project is the development of a joint (REMPEC, Bonn Agreement, HELCOM) HNS response manual, based on existing manuals and aiming at ensuring a safe execution of response operations to chemical spills in the Mediterranean, Baltic and North Seas.