Research and Development

Bonn Agreement countries cooperate on a wide range of technical issues through the Working Group on Operational, Technical and Scientific Questions Concerning Counter Pollution Activities (OTSOPA). To ensure that the best available technology and techniques are used for surveillance and response Bonn Agreement Contracting Parties share information and collaborate on a range of research and development programmes.

Danish Aerial Surveillance Equipment
Danish Aerial Surveillance Equipment

The issues covered include aerial surveillance sensors, radar, dispersants, oil recovery, risk analysis, oil spill modelling, equipment for use in rough seas, etc. For example, Bonn Agreement Contracting Parties have been involved in projects looking to develop sensors to identify HNS during aerial surveillance, testing new ship arrestor methods for dealing with drifting vessels and the development of mini sniffers to detect ship emission levels from aircraft.

Collaboration on these issues is a key part of the Bonn Agreement's work and allows countries to increase the coverage of their research and development programmes.

For specific research projects, please visit the Projects Section.